About Frontier.

If you love every aspect of front-end, which conference do you choose?

We couldn't decide, so we made our own.

Front-end design and development truly is a frontier in 2016: it's massive! The range of technologies, of human factors, device sizes, connection speeds, user locations we have to consider is growing all the time.

We wanted to curate a conference that delivered expert speakers from across the full spectrum of front-end; across what we like to call our 'Tenets of Front-End'. In no particular order, they are:

Every Frontier conference will always source experts and deliver content from across these Tenets, as well as great coffee, free wifi, and all the usual perks (read: after party).

Join us, celebrate everything Front-End, be inspired, then go and make beautiful things.

Adam & John (two of your fellow front-enders)

Talk to us on Twitter: @adamdawkins and @johntnorris